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Singlemode Duplex FC/LC Optic Fiber Patch Leads Fiber Optic Lead Fiber Optic Cable
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Singlemode Duplex FC/LC Optic Fiber Patch Leads Fiber Optic Lead Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber optic patch cables are used to connect network equipments and components,we have fiber optic patch cablewith different fiber connector types, are suited for equipment jumper cable, cross connects, and work area connections. All the patch cables are made from OFNR riser grade cable and are 100% factory tested to ensure agood performance to TIA/EIA-568-B-3 standards. ST/ST, SC/SC and hybrid ST/SC Patch Cables are available in both multimode (62.5/125µm and 50/125µm) and single mode cable-types, in duplex and simplex versions.

1.Mechanic and Electric

Complies with IEC, Telcordia GR-326-CORE standard

Low insertion loss and high return loss
PC/UPC/APC polishing
Diameter:0.9, 2.0, and 3.0mm
Fiber jumper of the Single or multi mode is available
Simplex or duplex is available
PVC or LSZH fiber optical cable is available
Excellent changeability and repeatability
Tensile strength:10N
Operating temperature range:-40 to 80°C
Storage temperature range:-40 to 80°C
Color of fiber optic cable:Yellow (SM), Orange (MM), and Aqua (OM3)

2.Parts Details

  1. Type:  Singlemode Duplex FC/LC Fiber Optic Patch Lead

  2. Mode: Singlemode

  3. Ferrule End-face: PC, UPC

  4. Cable core: Simplex,Duplex,MultiCore

  5. Cable diameter: 0.9mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm

  6. Cable Jacket: LSZH, PVC, OFNR, OFNP


  1. Low insertion loss and high return loss

  2. Serialized & Individual Test Records

  3. Guaranteed Zero Defects

  4. 3D fiber interferometer is available

  5. Pluggable structure, easy to intensive-installation

  6. Meets RoHS and Bell core GR 326-core standards

  7. Custom Configurations Available at No Extra Charge


  1. Telecommunication networks

  2. Optical access network

  3. Data processing networks

  4. Fiber optic communication networks

  5. CATV, LAN, WAN, Test &Measurement


ParameterSingle ModeMulti Mode
BasicFiber connectorFC, SC, LC, ST, MU, MTRJ, MPO, E2000
Ferrule End-facePCUPCAPCUPC
Insertion Loss≤0.2dB≤0.2dB≤0.3dB≤0.3bB
Return Loss≥50dB≥55dB≥60dB≥35dB
Ceramic Ferrule Specification125.5um concentricity deviations:<=1um127um concentricity deviations:<=3um
Suitable Fiber9/125um50/125um,62.5/125um
End-face GeometryRadius of Curvature7~25mm5~12mmN/A
Fiber Protrusion≤50nm≤100nmN/A
Fiber Under Cut≤100nm≤100nmN/A
Apex offset≤50um
Salt Spray≤0.1dB
Drop≤0.2dB(1.5M, 5 drops)
VibrationIL ≤0.2dB(550Hz, 1.5mm)
Repeatability≤ 0.1dB(1000 times)
Durability> 1000 times
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ +85°C

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