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Brush Cord Management Cable Management Wire Management
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Brush Cord Management Cable Management Wire Management
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Brush Cord Management Cable Management Wire Management

The 1u plastic cable management can be used for all patch panels,rack and cabinet mount products.

It mounts on standard 19" racks or cabinets, provide a clean, beautiful and simple cable configuration,

and povides an effective support and organization of cables, patch cords, and other necessary equipment

improving overall network management.


1. 1U high and compact, suitable for 19 inch standard cabinets and wall mount.

2. Material: ABS or PC.

3. Color: black

4. Light weight ,easy to install or unstall.

5. Provide termination, protection, connection, management of the cable.

6. Used for network communication in telecommunication field, Gigabit Ethernet, together with

Patch Panel, Face Plate, Patch Cord, Cable Management, Cat5e/Cat6 Cables, RJ45 Keystone Jack, etc.

7. Custom-made cable management is acceptance.

8. 12/24/48/50/100/200pairs cable configuration are available.

9. Dust cover to prevent dust


1.Mounted on 19" network cabinet and open rack to accomplish the cable containing and management functions.

2.Able to be mounted in the front of the rack to provide cable arrangement,fixing,routing and protection of distribution frame or equipment patch cord,convenient for the patch cord operation and management of simplified,increase and change.

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