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Selection of Fiber Cable Based on Optical Fiber Environments

Source:Selection of Fiber Cable Based on Optical Fiber En

Different types of optical fiber applications require different types of optical fiber cables. Environment of any cable is a prime factor associated with selection of cables and simultaneously, it indicates the design or construction of any fiber patch cable or simply fiber cable. In this article, experts have highlighted about few of the common environments prevail for applications via optical fiber.

Cables to Safeguard from Mechanical Dangers and External Forces

Fiber optic cable or network cable type of linking devices available in the form of telephone systems, computers, distribution systems and fiber splice organizers are of relatively less expensive cables available in the market. Best thing about these products is that they are of simple and serve as best possible options to safeguard devices from all sorts of external forces and mechanical dangers.
Cables Used in Plenum Areas

Fiber cables installed beneath the floor, suspended ceilings, across any room and above or between walls, suit perfectly in plenum areas i.e. for exchange of air in various types of HVAC systems. Here, fiber cables mentioned here should be able to meet both smoke and fire codes set by authorized committee involved in supplying HVAC systems.
Terminal Closets

After this, professionals involved in cable management have explained about intra-building cables or breakout cables. In this case, the design of a cable plays significant role to eliminate the requirement of patch panels present in terminal closets. Here, users may also choose to distribute fiber cables into different or individual fibers to perform the actual process of distribution.

Direct Burial Type Cables

Direct burial types of cables remained laid within deep trenches or placed as plowed within the ground. Addition protection from temperature fluctuations and avoiding of moisture is important for proper operation of these burial cables. Because of this, direct burial type of network cable or fiber cable comes with outer jacket to provide the required protection.

Aerial-based Fiber Cables

As the name suggests, individuals choose to install aerial based fiber cables on various poles or simply opt to lash them over messenger wires present in between two different poles. These cables are of dielectric in nature, which indicate that they do not contain any type of metallic component in it. Dielectric cables boost the immunity of cables used in this case. Particularly, the cable used in mounted form on poles should possess adequate strength to avoid sagging problems, which usually put excessive stress on fibers.

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