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Network Cable Connectors Come in Many Forms for Different Networks

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Network Cable Connectors Come in Many Forms for Different Networks

Professionalsassociate with network connection are familiar with a common term referred asnetwork patch cable that mainly helps in setting up connections for almostevery type of networking applications. Network cable commonly refers to 8-wire cable comprises of four twisted wire pairsand comes in combination with connectors of RJ45 at its both ends. In addition,such cables come in different types, about which you will get overview from the article.

Fibre Patch and Twisted Pair Cables

Today,an individual may found both twisted-pair and patch cable connectors in themarket. Fibre patch cable mostlyuses fibre optic materials and connectors at its two different ends. Thesecords perform their functions in well manner for connecting two different types of network devices together. Main role of this cable is to pass or distribute the data in simple and in easy manner.

Common Cables

Individuals will come across few of the common cables network available in the big market;two of them are Cat5e and Cat5. In addition, people will also found difference among such cables. During the recent few years, network operators have also witnessed the launch of Cat6 category of cables, which comes with the range of1,000 meters.

Ethernet Cables

Ethernet cable is also a type of cableused in communication network that mainly connects Ethernet devices. However,you may also use this specific type of cable in some other applications related to telecommunication process. One such example is ATM system that operates by using high-speed of technologies demanding for cables to support their requirements.

Unshielded and Shielded Networks

Dependingupon the type of connection required in a network, professionals choose to useeither unshielded or shielded networks. Most common type of unshielded networkis UTP i.e. Unshielded Twisted Pair, while other applications require usage ofshielded networks for providing support to the connection. Shielding type ofconnection help in reducing outside EMI i.e. Electro Magnetic Interference,which may cause crashing of any data connection.

Solid and Strand Types of Cables

Lastly,individuals may find solid and stranded types of network cable connectors in the market. Cables with stranded formatmainly come with wires of small gauge and mark each among the 8 differentinternal wires. On the other side, solid cables consist of a single solid wirethat serves as the core for each of the available individual wires, while those individual wires form twister wire pairs.

Inconclusion, selection of cable connectors is solely dependent on the type of network. Hence, one has to do the proper research work, so that the chosen network allows for smooth data transfer process.

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