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Various Methods to Achieve the Best Fibre Cable Management System

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Various Methods to Achieve the Best Fibre Cable Management System

Service providers have recently deployed varieties of fibre optic cables to achieve highest possible bandwidth, highest possible flexibility, reliability and low cost as possible. However, merely deploying of such components is not sufficient. Instead, successful network of fibre optic requires a sound infrastructure based on the best cable management system.Management of cables affect reliability, cost, performance and maintenance of fibre optic cables. It mainly gives ability towards reconfiguration of networks, restoration of offered services and implementation of many new services in notime.

Objectives/Methods towards Managing Cables

Expertsmainly follow the following objectives and methodologies to manage various types of optic cables:

Protection from both Macroand Micro Bands Losses

Macro and Micro bands refer to large bends and small deformities respectively presentin any optical fibre network. Whenever the fibre bends beyond its specified range of bending radius, it suffers signal losses or breakage of fibre to cause disruption in servicesor signals. In this situation, management system available for fibre optic cord or its patch panel should be able to provide adequate protection to bend radius at almost every point,where the cord bends. This management helps in ensuring about long-term reliability of the network and at the same time, reduces its operational costby reducing the downtime of network.

Properly Defined CableRouting Paths

Good cable management system should clearly define the routing paths of any optical fibre cord and follow it in simple and easy way. Thus, technicians can route each cable in appropriate manner. Properly defined routing paths play significant role to reduce the required training time for various technicians and enhance level of uniformity in the real work. It also allows for safe, quick and easy accessing of individual fibre.

Easy Access towardsInstalled Optical Fibres

Allowing of easy access to already installed fibresis obviously a critical job associated with maintenance of proper protection from bend radius. Design of any management system should be in such a way that it makes sure about both installation and removal of individual fibres without inducing macro bends over adjacent fibre.Accessibility is obviously a critical factor to consider during reconfiguration of fibre patch panel and its network.

Physical Protection of FibreOptic Cords/Cables

Properly defined management systems available for fibre optic cables give protection to the fibre physically from any kind of accidental damage throughout the complete network. Therefore,whenever you have to take decisions about purchasing of cable managing systems,you have to look for the most affordable system providing best possible management solutions, growth abilities and flexibility.

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